Rajasthan: Massive fire in Sariska Tiger Reserve, Air Force helicopters failed to extinguish

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Alwar. The fire in the Sariska Tiger Reserve located in Alwar, Rajasthan is getting worse. The fire has spread to more than 20 km area of ​​the forest. Forest department personnel and helicopters of the Indian Air Force are busy dousing the fire. At the same time, many villages of Sariska have also been evacuated.

fire on sunday

Let us inform that a fire broke out in the hills of Baleta Prithvipura Naka on Sunday, which was extinguished with the help of villagers. But on Monday, due to strong wind, the fire broke out again and now it is taking a formidable form.

greater threat to wildlife

Alwar’s ADM Sunita Pankaj said, “Two choppers have been ordered. Where the maximum fire has spread or where there is more danger to the wildlife and in order that the fire does not increase in the rural area, water is being poured first in those places. The area of ​​fire has widened significantly.”

40 to 50 thousand liters of water sprinkled

Army helicopters are bringing water from Lake Silisedh and trying to douse the fire. However, helicopters failed to douse the fire. 40 to 50 thousand liters of water have been sprayed to control the fire.

More than 200 people are engaged in extinguishing the fire

Over 200 people, including employees and villagers from three ranges of Sariska, Alwar and Dausa, are engaged in dousing the fire, officials said. Help has also been sought from the army. Several villages in Sariska have also been evacuated. According to the reports, there are many tigers in the part of the forest which has caught fire.

burn 150 hectares of forest

Sariska DFO Sudarshan Sharma said, “We got the information about the fire two days back. We took the help of local people to douse the fire. 9 sq km area is currently in flames. We are trying to control the fire so that it does not spread to the valley. Damage assessment will be done after the fire is brought under control.

Sharma says that due to the hilly area, there is a problem in climbing. Water is being supplied to the fire extinguishers. About 150 hectares of forest have been burnt by the fire.