Top 125cc Bikes That are Everyone’s Favourite

In India, bikes have long been a preferred means of transportation for many people, largely due to their low maintenance requirements, excellent fuel efficiency, and reasonable price. The best of both worlds is what you get with 125cc bikes: strong performance without sacrificing style, efficiency, or features. This bike is also considered the best for beginners as it is light and easy to handle.

Since biking is no more about boys having all the fun, girls are equally into riding. These bikes are also good for women planning to learn to ride a bike. The safety features, seat height, and light weight of 125cc bikes make them a perfect choice for female bikers as well. Furthermore, Bajaj has the best range of bikes that match the needs of all bike riders. Below is a small introduction to these amazing bikes:

Pulsar NS125:

The Pulsar NS125 is the ideal bike to help you start your journey in sports biking if you’ve ever wanted to do so. The first 4-valve engine in history has more power and can be cranked up to higher RPMs without even the tiniest strain on the engine. It rivals certain 150cc bikes in terms of power-to-weight ratio and retains fuel efficiency comparable to 125cc bikes.

Image Source: Bajaj Auto


1. Styling: Every rider can make a true fashion statement on the Pulsar NS125. The Pulsar NS125 is meant to turn heads with its aggressive appearance, starting with its sleek LED tail lamps and continuing with sporty split seats and split grab rails.
Bikini Fairing

  • Stylish LED Tail Lamps
  • Clip-on handlebar
  • Split Seat & Split Grab Rail
  • Twin Pilot Headlamps
  1. Safety: Braking becomes really challenging when biking in the city. The front disc brakes’ 240mm vented design enhances stopping power and safety. With its 12V DC headlamps, you may ride safely at night because they provide a steady, flicker-free light beam.
    240mm ventilated front disc brake
  • Upright seat posture
  • DC Lighting
  1. Comfort: The 125cc bike has a strengthened body structure with a 1320 mm wheelbase that provides increased strength, higher stability, and an incredibly small turning radius. Although it is lighter in weight, the sturdy construction gives the rider comfort.
  • Lighter Handling
  • Single Down Tube Chassis Frame
  1. Performance: With its DTSi engine’s improved ignition timing, which makes it lighter and more powerful, you can expect better throttle response and smoother power delivery. Stepping up on this exciting machine will give you 12ps power in your step.
    4-valve, 125cc Engine
  • 5-speed Gear Box
  • ExhausTEC
  • Electric Start With Auto Choke

Pulsar 125:

It is a sports bike that has the highest power in its class, thanks to DTS-I Technology. This 125cc bike is built for comfort and thrills and has good mileage efficiency. A 124.4cc strong engine with exceptional performance and attractive aesthetics powers the Pulsar 125.

Image Source: Bajaj Auto


  1. Glide the roads with Roar- The Pulsar 125cc has dual gas shocks in the back and a telescopic fork suspension arrangement upfront. In terms of tyres, the Pulsar has 100/90 x 17-inch tyres on the back and 80/100 x 17-inch tyres up front. While drum brakes are standard throughout the board, the top-spec trim is the only one with a front disc brake.
  • Split-grab Rails
  • Striking 3d Logos
  • Neon Highlights
  • Black Alloy Wheels
  1. Safety: The bike is offered in disc and drum versions. A disc brake is added to the front wheel in the disc type. The combined braking system is the safety net. Tubeless tyres and matching stripes are added to the 17-inch alloy wheels.
    240 mm Dia. Disc / 170 mm dia. Drum
  • 130 mm Dia. Drum
  • Headlamp HS1 (12V 35/35W)
  1. Comfort: The telescopic front suspension and twin-gas shock rear suspension on the 125cc bikes enable the user to be extremely comfortable while seated upright. The ride is enjoyable whether on the highway or in the city, thanks to the 5-step adjustable Nitrox rear shock absorbers.
  • Cushioned Seats
  • 1320 mm wheelbase
  • Tubeless Tyres
  1. Performance: A single-cylinder, air-cooled, 124.4cc engine powers this 125cc bike. When connected to a five-speed gearbox, the motor is calibrated to generate 10.8Nm of maximum torque at 6,500 rpm and 11.64bhp at 8,500 rpm. Despite having the same power and torque output, the single-seat model weighs two kilograms less than the split-seat model (140kg vs 142kg – kerb weight).
  • 4-Stroke, 2-Valve
  • Twin Spark BSVI Compliant DTS-i Engine
  • 5-step Nitrox Rear Suspension

Final Notes

Both of these vehicles are promising and guarantee the rider’s security. They significantly impact their target market by providing incredible features and a chic appearance at a competitive price. The 125cc bike has a combined braking system that synchronises the front and rear brakes to increase safety and reduce the likelihood of slips and skids. This anti-skid braking system has excellent visibility with its huge headlamp and distinctive pulsar tail lamps.