Who is Going to Win the Stanley Cup?

With the NHL trade deadline now gone for another year, the top teams will have to look within their organizations for the special sparks that could light up their postseason chances. The regular season may still have another month or so to run – but thoughts are definitely beginning to turn to the playoffs.

The NHL betting markets are starting to experience a lot of traffic as we get to the business end of the hockey year. Hockey has tended to be one of the more unpredictable sports in recent years though, so who might go on to win the Stanley Cup this year? Here’s what we think.

The State of Play

The last throw of the dice – in the form of the trade deadline – has been made and now the coaches must put their faith in the players on the ice. There were definitely a few winners and losers on trade deadline day but, ultimately, the regular season will put forward the 16 best teams in the league to do battle for the famous trophy.

The Avs were seen as potential repeat winners before a puck was hit with anger at the start of the season – and they look on course for the playoffs. But the regular season has been all about the Bruins. Not many people are looking past Boston at the moment – but no President’s Trophy winner has won the Stanley Cup in 10 years.

The Favorites

Boston got even better before the trade deadline, adding forward Tyler Bertuzzi from Detroit and Dmitry Orlov and Garnet Hathaway from the Caps. This is a team that has just become the fastest ever to reach 100 points in a season – acquiring even more talent just seems unfair somehow.

Boston will clinch home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs and does look set to go all the way. But the NHL playoffs have beaten some of the best in recent years. The Bruins are definitely still the team to beat, but that will be seen as a legitimate challenge by every other team in the postseason.


The Bruins may not even make the Stanley Cup finals, of course. The Carolina Hurricanes are the other power team in the Eastern Conference and might be able to spring a surprise. There may have been other teams that did better with their trades, but there are precious few weaknesses in the Hurricanes roster.

Even though they might not be leading the way in the Western Conference yet, it is the Colorado Avalanches that a lot of people see making a return trip to the finals this year. There has been some very good recent form and captain Gabriel Landeskog will be back on the ice soon.

Figure 2 All the top players will be getting ready for the postseason

Crazy Long Shot

Acquiring Patrick Kane from the Blackhawks made a lot of Rangers fans very excited, and New Jersey Devils supporters were also pleased with recent developments. But if you were looking for a long shot team to go on a postseason run and potentially win the whole thing in June, we would look a little more west.

We would love to think that Connor McDavid could lead his Oilers to a championship. But we’re not sure that is ever going to happen. So why not get behind the Vegas Golden Knights instead? This is a team that strengthened its roster and has surprised a few people before. Remember, the NHL playoffs can be a little crazy.

Kings of Hockey

This is when the NHL gets very interesting. There may be other sports taking more of the limelight at the moment, but once the playoffs begin there is a real buzz of excitement in the air.

At the moment it is difficult to see past the Bruins winning their first Stanley Cup in 12 years. Boston is breaking all kinds of league records and will believe that it can indeed lift the trophy at the end of the postseason. But seeing off the likes of Toronto and Carolina – before meeting the best of the West – will not be an easy task.